501 (c) (3) NonProfit


501 (c) (3) NonProfit

What We Do

The Savior Foundation is a non-profit organization created in Memphis, TN by community members who are animal advocates and humanitarians.

One of the members and founders rescued Savior from a life of suffering and pain, and that set off an amazing chain reaction, one that helped jumpstart The Savior Foundation. Savior’s story inspired a group of community members who volunteer their time and effort to organize and work towards preventing animal cruelty and suffering.

We are basically a team of volunteers, consisting of local students, corporate professionals, and a city employee. We all work/study full-time, but we each dedicate our personal time to support animal welfare and prevent animal cruelty. Through this foundation, we often personally provide financial and emotional support for injured, abused, and abandoned animals in the local community.

Featured Stories

Meet Lace from Dallas, Texas.  Her guardian was in Memphis on business when Lace had an accident.  She cut her leg down to the bone.  They needed assistance as her guardian did not have the funds available for her emergency treatment. 
Lucky for Lace, their co worker and friend Sherry Tyer is a volunteer for The Savior Foundation.  Sherry helped The Savior Foundation plan their annual fundraising dinner this year, she suggested that they call The Savior Foundation for assistance.  We setup the Vet appointment for Lace's leg to be fixed.  We are happy to report that both Lace and her guardian made it back to Texas.  Lace is fully recovered.

The Savior Foundation had a call for help from David Clevenger for his miniature pinscher Angel who had a broken leg. He had called everywhere looking for help and no vet clinics were willing to work with him. He desparately asked us for help with his family's little Angel and I knew we just had to help, so [we] took on helping with the care of Angel.
  Angel was going into shock when she arrived at Pets Choice so she was immediately attended to not only for the shock but an emergency operation... Thank you Dr. William Mitchell for the unbelievable work you and the Pets Choice staff gave Angel because of the help from you guys and The Savior Foundation. She is now on her way to recovery

Running the street starving covered with mange and a bad yeast infection Lily was picked up my a lady who had went to other facilities for help with Lily and all doors where shut to her. So The Savior Foundation Step in to give medical care and asked other rescue groups to take her after she is well and healthy and had all medical issue resolved and ready for adoption and we found that God send in the from of Cold Noses Warm Hearts they step forward and said we have a little room for her she deserve it ! Pleas go to their web page donate and like and help Cold Noses Warm Hearts in any way you can thank you from The Savior Foundation.

Hi i am Stella getting better everyday will need a for every home when I am well I walk on lead come when I am called I go out to potty I never make a mess in my kennel so I am kennel trained The Savior Foundation and Pets Choice inc Are taking care of me and saved me want you give me home! And they say I am a Rock Star on Facebook!!

Meet BJ, what a sweet and loving puppy. This is not a story of an owner abusing or neglecting their dog... BJ is loved very much by his family. This is a story of an angry person, for whatever reason, decided to punish a sweet and loving dog. This is a story of one tragic night, as with Corona, a shot rang out and an innocent dog paid the price. BUT....thank God the broken road led BJ to the loving arms of The Savior Foundation, Dr. Danielle Bayliss and Dr Miller of the Advanced Animal Eye Care...Read More

From Tunica Humane Society and Joey and Sandy just want to say thanks to Mario Chiozza and The Savior Foundation:

Without your love and concern, Joey would not be where he is today. We thank you from the bottom of our hearts for allowing Joey to get the best possible care available at MVS. You played a huge part in the "JOEY MIRACLE" and we will love you always...

Joey he could be the poster child for animal cruelty. Joey was found starving in Tunica, Mississippi. He was so hungry he ate rocks in the middle of a crowded neighborhood, ignored and starving until his rescue.

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