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The Savior Foundation was formed in March 27, 2010 after Mario Chiozza saved an abandoned and abused dog thrown from a truck during rush hour traffic on Interstate 40.

Currently, The Savior Foundation is an instrumental organization created for the prevention of cruelty to animals including education, support, and funding to offset immediate medical expenses and needs for any abused, injured, and/or abandoned animal in a critical situation.

The Savior Foundation is now a non-profit organization filed with the state of Tennessee.

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The Savior Foundation
4899 Summer Ave Suite 101 PMB 110
Memphis, TN 38122 
This is Stella one of Savior Foundation Rescues   The Savior Foundation Rescued Zoey she was born under a bridge in memphis in a pile of trash born paralyzed she had to have her rear Legs and hip joints and tail

The Savior Foundation work and rescues